Hand-Painted Custom Trainers


Limited edition trainers are all well and good - but have you ever lusted after a truly custom shoe? A design so unique that no other sneakerhead will ever boast of a pair in their collection? You'r in luck.

These stunning works of shoe art are the creation of Laces Out Studios - a small-time custom shoe painting service based in Portland, USA. Their recently opened Etsy shop is currently showing off the work of their talented artist Sara Foraker, with various one-off works available to buy alongside custom requests.

Foraker paints her designs onto the crisp, clean canvases of Vans classic slip-ons, charging £120.80 for her custom services - which is astonishingly low given the amount of work she must put into each pair.

Head over to the Laces Out Studios Etsy store to put in an order or to buy one of their existing works (though we're devastated to report that the Calvin and Hobbes works aren't for sale). Best move fast before the waiting list starts growing.


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