Custom-Made PS4 Jordans


Console 'fanboys' exhibit their gaming preference in a variety of manners. Some choose to write lengthy defences of the one true choice in the comments box of YouTube videos. Others purchase t-shirts and posters that extol their chosen black box. Those who've sided with the PlayStation 4 would do well to consider splashing out on a pair of FreakerSNEAKS' latest customs.

Modifying the classic Nike Air Jordan 4, the trainer tweakers of FreakerSNEAKS have outdone themselves in create the perfect mashup of style and gaming.

The iconic Air jump logo of the Jordans has been switched for Sony's equally recognisable PS4 lettering and PlayStation logo, while the leather fabrics have been mixed up with a rubberised heel tab. To finish off the look, an HDMI input has been brilliantly worked into the heel units, complete with customised Jordan HDMI cables.

Unfortunately, this added touch only offers aesthetic value: you can't plug these into your console and jump your way through Destiny (much as we might like to). Limited to a run of 10 pairs, you'll have to cough up around £585 for a set. Get in touch with the creator Jonny at if you're willing to invest.

(Images: FreakerSNEAKS)