Are These The Ugliest Trainers Ever?

The world is a shallow place, so let’s call it like it is...
We know the ugliest car ever built is the Reliant Robin (apologies Only Fools' fans), we also know the ugliest member of Blue (we just forget his name), and now we may even know the ugliest pair of trainers, depending how you feel about the footwear shown above.
The shoes are part of Valentino’s 2015 Spring Collection, and - unless you were one of the quirky design folks who conjured them up - then you might even think they're a little loud. And by loud we mean the sartorial equivalent of Dolby Surround Sound.
The design team apparently went for a ‘camo appeal’, hoping the bright patterns and unique detailing would fit the look of a trainer worthy of a high-end fashion house, even if the result risks looking like someone trampled in a puddle of paint at an art school.
Nonetheless, we can have no qualms with the design. The shape of the shoe itself is a winner, leaving us only to imagine what they'd look like had Valentino stuck to just the one colour. 
Or, you know, you might totally be into this sort of look. In which case you're a much braver soul than we.