Your Hipster Hairstyle Could Be Making You Bald


Yup, bad news for fans of the top knot and man bun, according to experts, your tightly wound locks will be to blame for a coming surge in baldness.

The increase is due to something called traction alopecia, which is essentially the process of your hair falling out because it’s been pulled too tight. Which is common sense really.

Hair expert David Salinger told Huffington Post Australia: "I would say five years ago I saw women with it but never men, now we’re seeing it in men."

And he’s pretty adamant that it’s only going to get worse as more and more people embrace the samurai look.

"It’s a bit early, they might be starting to get some thinning, as time goes on it will get worse and worse, men don’t realise in the future they’re asking for trouble."

So there you have it, unless you’re working your way towards the Bruce Willis look, it could be time to ditch the man bun.

[Via: Huffington Post]


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