Shavers of the world, unite!


Gentlemen, there is revolution in the air. Not quite the kind of revolution that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote about in their 1848 Communist Manifesto; it’s more a facial hair-based revolution.

Which, by the look of Marx, he would probably have benefitted from. Anyway, we digress. It’s L’Oréal Paris Men Expert who is leading this ardent anti-stubble charge, with the release of four excellent new ‘Shave Revolution’ gels (£3.99 each). The collection includes skin-cooling, aloe vera-powered aftercare designed to eliminate irritated and inflamed post-shave skin, as well as antibacterial protection and extreme glide action to cut through even the toughest beard. So essentially, it’s a range that will leave your face soothed and spotless and you looking your absolute best when you head out to smash the system and stick it to ‘the man’. Right on.


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