Bulldog goes back to nature


‘Natural deodorant’ – it’s not code for the stench lurking in the armpits of cavemen, hippies and teenagers before they’ve discovered Lynx Africa. Nor does it refer to lopping the skin off a banana and using it like a roll-on. Well, not quite.

Previously dealing in the skin and face creams you no doubt have stowed in your bathroom cabinet, Bulldog is set to lock horns with the likes of Lynx for the men’s deodorant crown. But rather than make claims about the aphrodisiac effect its scent has on women, it’s taking the alternative route of putting the contents of your fruit bowl in to the new product.

Combining lemon, lime and orange oils with vegetable extract and aloe vera, it might sound like a hard-to-swallow smoothie, but Bulldog Original Deodorant’s (£4.99, out now) eight essential oils help provide all-day protection, ridding you of the mid-afternoon pong.


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