There's Finally A Body-Positive Underwear Ad For Men


David Beckham.

Cristiano Ronaldo. 

David Gandy.

All lovely chaps. Really nice guys. Great bods, the lot of them - which is why they're all used to promote underwear. 

While advertisers have clocked that women are fed up with being sold pants by toned athletes and airbushed models, seeing new lines advertised by "normal" women that aren't size six Amazons, the male marketing sector is lagging behind.

Dressmanns have assort to redress the balance.

"Half of our population is often forgotten in the ongoing debate," explains the campaign. "We will no longer be seen as a brand just for the perfect man."

Beer belly? Saggy elbows? Lean build? All physical traits that don't change your ability to be a 'man'. 

Good for you Dressmann. Good for you.



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