Superman costume set to fetch 20 grand


The Superman costume worn by Christopher Reeve in Superman IV: The Quest For Peace is set to go on auction at the Julien’s Auctions sale in Beverly Hills.

The outfit includes the blue, red and yellow suit, complete with the red boots (not pictured), and is expected to fetch around £20,000 ($32,000) in a two-day sale starting April 5.

Made by London-based designers Bermans & Nathans, the costume was given to a member of the production team after filming finished.

Martin Nolan of Julien's Auctions said: “It is still in great condition and you can see the little sewn-in slots where the cables were attached for the flying manoeuvres in the film. It’s an iconic outfit and I guess one of the only times in history when wearing underpants on the outside was a good look.”

To make an offer, head here. If you win, it'll be the only time you can wear your pants over your trousers and not get arrested (probably).

(Images: Splash, All Star)