Penguin's 50s-inspired Athletic Collection


While, yes, the 50s was a terrible time for civil rights and the overwhelming threat of nuclear war, it at least brought with it some, ahem, iconic fashion trends. Because what better way to get your mind away from how terrible life is?

This January, in perhaps a way to steer you back to an athletic post-Christmas binge lifestyle, Penguin is introducing a new range of 50s collegiate wear with an emphasis on sportswear. It's the ideal antidote to any Kappa-infused nightmare that might come to mind once you put the words 'sports' next to the word 'wear'.

Based around comfort and classic shades of burgundy, navy, grey and blue, the 'Vintage Gym' collection is perfect for anyone hoping to emulate the preppy look without resorting to Abercrombie & Fitch.

It's available this month at


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