Check republic: Sixties’ style

The Sixties' Mayfair set has inspired a new wave of statement check tailoring. Allow ShortList to patch you in

Patchwork-check tailored jacket £275 and matching patchwork-check regular-fit trousers £125 both by JIGSAW, 020-8392 5603; navy roll-neck £135 by JOHN SMEDLEY at Selfridges,; fit-cut cashmere print cotton shirt £135 by THE KOOPLES; black leather Chelsea boots £185 by RUSSELL & BROMLEY, 020-7629 6903; Volturih check handkerchief (in breast pocket) £59 by TIGER OF SWEDEN at Selfridges; black thick-rimmed glasses £210 by PRADA at David Clulow, 0844-264 0870; Clifton watch £4,400 by BAUME ET MERCIER at The Watch Gallery; gloves – stylist’s own; scooter – Vespa 946 Ricordo Italiano in black £7,812 from Scootech, 020-8983 4111

Check wool tailored jacket £1,169 and matching check wool five-pocket trousers £393 both by VALENTINO, 020-7730 1234; pink cotton shirt £209 by PAUL SMITH; check wool tie £95 by TED BAKER at Selfridges; porcelain flower pin £110 by LANVIN at Selfridges; Volturih check handkerchief £59 by TIGER OF SWEDEN (as before); Granturismo helmet £149.99 by VESPA

White-black-syrup-coloured check galles duke jacket £1,550 and matching white-black-syrup-coloured over check galles skinny trousers £455 both by GUCCI; turquoise roll-neck £725 by LANVIN at Selfridges; blue leather belt with brown keeper £110 by PAUL SMITH; leather boots with buckle detail £530 by LOUIS LEEMAN; black thick-rimmed glasses £210 by PRADA (as before)