Unique watches to impress your mates with

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We all love to show off and boast in front of our friends, don’t even try to deny it. We did it with toys when we were kids and we’ll be doing with physical ailments in our nineties. But while we’re in the prime of our life, there’s a sophisticated way of doing this – watches.

Here’s our list of modern day timepieces that will have your mates gawking at your wrist and worshiping you as some sort of style god.

  • Unique watches to impress your mates with

    Void V02MKII

    No, it’s not a compass, that’s how you tell the time. The V02MKII offers a modern, minimalist take on watch design. The square stainless case with its half sapphire glass front is their signature style, alongside a sand blasted surface treatment giving the watch a sophisticated satin appearance, while the scratch resistant sapphire crystal protects the analogue display. The 5ATM water resistance provides safe protection against the elements/when you’re doing the dishes.


  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 1

    Timex Metropolitan+

    Put off by the look of fuel bands but love the functionality? Then this is the answer: a stylish activity tracker blends the idea of an activity monitoring band with the look and feel of a traditional analogue watch. The unique fourth hand tracks daily steps, distance and per cent to goal right on the dial. The Metropolitan+ also uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the Timex App on your phone that tracks daily activity, including steps, distance and calories burned.

  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 2

    Midnight Planétarium Watch

    The Van Cleef & Arpels' Complication Poétique Midnight Planetarium watch might be the coolest timepiece of all time. You may not think you need to know where six of our universe's planets are at all times, but when you do know you'll wonder how you did without.


  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 3

    Nixon X Riffe

    If you’re a fan of waters sports or just love Finding Nemo, this one’s for you. This collaborative capsule introduces a first-of-its-kind pattern to three of the brand’s most popular Watermen models, one being a specific free dive watch.

    The watches are all finished in Riffe’s signature Digi-Tek camouflage, adding greater function in the water or during an aggressive game of stag-do paintball.

    From £110

  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 4

    AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane

    A watch your granddad would shed a tear at. This piece is dedicated to the epic Air Force defence by the Allies against the Nazis in the summer of 1940, AKA the Battle of Britain.

    The limited edition run commemorating the legendary WW2 battle is a labour of design and detail that has taken more than a year of meticulous research, design and production. The 43mm diameter case is a classic vintage pilot shape watch replete with genuine scratch resistant sapphire lens and coin edged crown. And with 1963 aircraft involved in the Battle of Britain, they’ve decided to only produce exactly 1963 pieces.


  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 5

    Quiet Riot

    Maybe leave this one at home before flying, because this watch has real bullets inside it. That's right, watch maker Son of a Gun has added bullets to the handset, so when someone's late you can tap menacingly on it.

    FR 12,900

  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 6

    Komono X Rene Magritte

    Taking inspiration from some of his most recognised work which includes his dream-like blue skies, faceless men in bowler hats and his ‘this-is-not-a-pipe’ painting, KOMONO has used Magritte’s subversive sense of humour and flair for poetic depth to create a visual experience for the wrist. 


  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 7

    Playground Labyrinth

    Who says watches have to tell the time? Well quite a lot of people as it turns out, but let's continue with this anyway. This Playground Labyrinth by Hautlence an extremely expensive mini maze, made of either 18k rose gold, or white gold, featuring an 18k rose gold, or solid platinum ball which can be navigated by moving your wrist.


  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 8

    ZIIIRO Proton

    The Proton watch is a unusual wristwatch that features two transparent discs in two different colours; one represents the passing hours and the other moves at the speed of one minute per rotation. When these discs then overlap a brand new colour appears. This means the watch's face is constantly changing.


  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 9

    Raymond Weil

    What time is it? Oh it's ten past A Hard Day's Night. This limited edition watch by luxury timepiece makes Raymond Weil is the perfect present for any die hard Beatles fan.


  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 10

    The Kudoke KudOktopus

    People will glance at your wrist and wonder: "Who is he? Is he a sailor? Does he just like calamari?" German watch maker Kudoke has integrated a gold octopus into this nautical timepiece to make it a must-have nautical statement.


  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 11

    Analog Watch Co

    Thought marble was just used for fancy bathrooms? Think again, as Analog Watach Co has crafted it into an ultra luxurious timepiece finished off with gold and a handmade leather strap.


  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 12

    Hublot X Sang Bleu

    Limited to only 200 pieces and priced at a heart palpitating $18,800 each, the luxury watch brand has teamed up with East London tattoo shop Sang Bleu to reinvent their well known Big Bang with a tattooing aesthetic. So if you're too scared to get inked but have an extremely wealthy relative that's just died, you know what to do.


  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 13

    Happy Hour

    No longer will you have to split your lip open or chip your tooth while you're out drinking on the streets like a football hooligan, because every Happy Hour watch doubles up as a bottle opener.


  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 14

    HM4 Thunderbolt

    What an aggressive piece. It's like the badger of the watch world. We wish we could tell you that it's also a jet pack, but no. It just uses the finest materials in the world to create one of the finest aviation watches in existence, which is almost as good as a jet pack.


  • Unique watches to impress your mates with 15


    Constantly losing the TV control, leaving you to watch Bargain Hunt with no escape? There’s a watch for that. Consolidate all your wandering remotes with the CMD30 Databank, which has the ability to learn functions from any infrared remote control, from stereo to DVD. Kind of like James Bond’s iconic laser watch, but instead of saving your life it will just cater to your laziness.


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