Tsovet's SVT-DE40 Racing Watch


Time. There’s simply not enough of the damned stuff.

Not that you'd get the same reaction in the world of auto racing, where every ticking second is exactly registered and pored over by panicked team managers eager to see their drivers zip around the course in as quick a time as possible.

One upshot of this for the rest of the world is that when an upmarket wristwatch cites inspiration from the racetrack - like Tsovet's SVT-DE40, going from 0-60 seconds in some style - you better believe it takes timekeeping seriously.

Swathed in a 40mm stainless steel case detailed with boldly layered edges on the outside of the dial, the glossy pushers either side of the SVT-DE40's crown are certain nods to that speedway timekeeping mentality, with applied markers, contrast hands and chronograph subregisters doing similar.

Then there’s the tanned natural stitch leather strap, some classy wrist fodder which wouldn’t have would looked amiss on the arm of Steve McQueen such is its vintage and daredevil appeal.

For £270, it's a small price to pay for such a strong look. It's certainly got our pule racing, anyway.


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