The Watch That Tells You It's Time To Drink


There was once a time when watches just told the time. That was enough. They had one job and did it to everyone’s satisfaction. Then phones started putting the time on their home screen and nobody need an extra wrist encumbrance, so watches upped their game.

Now they play music, they tell the time with baffling displays of flashing lights that require several evening classes to decipher, and if they’re the Ish watch, they tell you when it’s time for a drink and help you open it.

The key purpose of the Ish watch is to tell you the exact minute you can reasonably have a beer, which it has defined as 5pm (this might cause some issues with employers of people who work beyond that hour). It has no numbers on it except 5, and the time is told by two blurry dots that only come into focus at the boozing hour, which is when your focus will begin to lapse. There’s also a bottle opener on the back.

Leaving aside the psychological ramifications of needing a watch that tells you when it’s time to drink and an opener literally always to hand, it’s a neat idea as novelty watches go. Although for the $150 it costs you could buy an awful lot of six-packs.


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