The Watch Made From Meteorite

Titanium? Overrated. Gold? So 1998. Platinum? Please. Meteorite? Now we’re talking…
Yep, after wowing the earth with the Master Calendar watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre went and upped the game by sourcing a material forged millions of miles away from earth, creating a dial from thinly sliced iron meteorite.
Ludicrous, right? Well the space rock in question was actually discovered in Sweden, having originally made its way to our planet after leaving an asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. It certainly makes a change to ‘Made In China’, and it certainly looks at home on this timepiece.
And not just for aesthetic reasons, either, as, like its predecessor, the Meteorite Stone Dial watch works around a unique triple calendar dial, giving day, date and day of the month indications with a 60-second moonphase sub-register, ensuring you always be kept abreast of what phase the moon is in. Some serious interplanetary credentials, basically.
Buying the steel edition will set you back around £7,000; though should you want to frivolously go and splash some gold on it, you’ll be spending £15,000 for a model.
Then again, we dread to think what the shipping charge for Jaeger-LeCoultre had been if they ordered their materials straight from the source.