The 1,000-Year-Old Sunglasses


Quick question: how old are your sunglasses? Whatever your answer is, we're banking that they're no way near as ancient as these 1,000-year-old shades from Capital Sunglasses.

The aged sunnies have been sculpted from reclaimed redwood that is, you guessed it, over 1,000 years old.

Cut for a railroad bridge in the 1800s, the wood was then torn down in 1950s and put into storage. It was then reclaimed to build a house and Capital nabbed the rest that was leftover to make the shades.

As the wood is now getting on a bit, it has distinct reddish brown rings that are extremely close together. Each pair costs £229 ($350) and has its own individual number and even comes with a handmade leather case.

To get yours, head here.