Your local chippie has betrayed you in the most terrible way

Ever bought a bottle of vinegar from your local chippie? The answer is no. No, you haven't.


It turns out that pretty much all fish and chips shops don't sell vinegar, they sell 'non-brewed condiment', a cheaper, chemical alternative instead.

YouTuber Tom Scott created an exposé video about the whole sordid affair, claiming: "chucking some chemicals together is significantly cheaper than actually brewing vinegar."

Unlike regular vinegar, it is gluten-free and Halal, if you're into that. Still, the issue comes with the fact that it's not legally allowed to be called vinegar, but every chip shop around is basically doing just that. 

According to Scott, Food Trading Standards simply don't have time to care. But we do. WE DO. Check out the shocking, shocking revelations in his video below.