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Your favourite 'Beast from the East' is back this weekend! Woo!

For his difficult second album

Your favourite 'Beast from the East' is back this weekend! Woo!
15 March 2018

Hey everyone remember summer? Warmth? Bare skin being brushed by a tepid breeze? You thought that might come back fairly soon didn’t you? You had lunch outside this week, it was a bit chilly but the sun was out and your face was warmed by it’s rays. 

You’ve gone onto ASOS and had a look at some sunglasses, just to whet your appetite for a potential May mini-break, longer evenings, and popping last year’s coat onto The Hallway Cupboard with a hidden fiver as a treat for next year. WRONG! 

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for this weekend as we see The Beast from the East return to our (Eastern) shores, and temperatures are set to drop to 2 degrees on Saturday and 1 degree on Sunday. Normality will resume on Monday, you know, when your free time for the week has been used up and you’re back at work looking outside. 

A ‘Yellow warning’ which means snow and ice (not yellow snow apparently, which comes with it’s own, very different warning) has been issued for the weekend, with the South East most affected. Looking at this map, if you live on the tip of Cornwall, or  Wales, you might be ok, get back on ASOS, but for the rest of us, bulk buy on Friday and for goodness sake don’t order take-away when it’s really bad. Those poor guys have it bad enough with apartment complexes these days without drudging through blizzards to bring you a pizza because you can’t walk five minutes to Tesco.

So wrap up (again) spend that fiver in your pocket on coal, or logs or a hot water bottle and pray that this is the last time we get an unpleasant gift from Russia.