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You’ll soon be able to recommend Tinder matches to your friends

Flame on

You’ll soon be able to recommend Tinder matches to your friends

Tinder: the dating app for people who ‘don’t do’ dating apps.

However you bill it - a game-changer, a breath of fresh air compared to the stuffy paid-for dating websites of old, a way to ironically tell people you "met in Sainsbury’s" because you may well have been swiping each other’s profile pictures while stood in adjacent cereal aisles – Tinder remains a largely private experience.

How else do you explain why you never see red flames popping up on phones during a commute when at least 10 per cent of your bus will have it? Or why your housemate only tells you about his dates once he’s sure he’s broken through the friend zone?

But now you might want to hope your friends are slightly more transparent about their Tinder habits as the company has announced that it’s testing a new matchmaking feature, allowing users to send profiles to friends who might find them of interest via a ‘share’ button - potentially doubling your chance of getting lucky.

Sounds good right? It might even come in handy when double-checking you made the correct swipe when wearing beer goggles.

Currently being soft launched in a few markets with no word of a general release, you’ll have to rely on good old fashioned swiping for now.

[Via: Adweek]