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You can now send GIFs on Tinder

Sexting just went up a level

You can now send GIFs on Tinder

We can see where this is heading.

Tinder has announced a new product update, just in time for Valentine's Day: you can now send GIFs in your messages.

So, as this video demonstrates, when you're really struggling for an ice breaker (seriously mate, "Wassssuppp"?) you can instead reach for a GIF of a cartoon cat moving their eyebrows. Perfect.

At the moment, you're limited to whatever is available on Giphy - and you'll be alerted to ones that are currently trending, just so you can follow the herd and stay #ontrend, but we all know that this is the first step towards live action sexting isn't it?

As if this excitement wasn't enough, you can now add profile pics directly from your camera roll, rather than going via Facebook and you can even 'like' messages (see below). Crazy stuff, we're sure you'll agree.

"At Tinder, we’re on a mission to create more meaningful connections. With that in mind, we’re excited to give our users more ways to engage with each other and express themselves. We’re tapping into the hugely popular trend of GIFs, powered by GIPHY, and allowing users to interact with potential dates in a more nuanced and compelling way than with verbal language alone” said Sean Rad, CEO at Tinder.

That's rad, Sean.