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This app lets you play with your dog even when you're not together

Good news for people too lazy to throw a ball!

This app lets you play with your dog even when you're not together
10 April 2017

What’s the worst part about having a dog? Picking up their shit with your hands has got to be up there, yes, but that pales in comparison to having to LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME WHEN YOU ARE NOT AT HOME. Are they sad? Are they bored? Do they miss you? Have they done a shit on the floor? The possibilities for anxiety are pretty much endless.

But now all of your worries can be allayed with the release of a gadget called Pebby – “smart ball” that can “track, monitor, and play with your pet from anywhere in the world”.

“In short, Pebby is a robotic ball that can be driven from the mobile app,” the team write on their Kickstarter page.

“It has in-built camera, laser, audio functions and can auto-play with your pets. Additionally with the Pebby collar you can track your pet's activity.”


The wifi and Bluetooth-powered ball is made from “thick, shatter-proof outer polycarbonate casing”, apparently, which makes it durable and able to withstand “aggressive playtime” with your pets, and will “bark” at you when your pet wants to play, too. You can also ‘speak’ to your pet through a two-way communication system, track your pet’s activity and leave it on an automatic mode if you get bored or have to actually do your job at work or something. 

No need to be jealous if you’re a cat owner, either: there’s also an in-built laser designed to placate our feline pals.

The Pebby has raised over $500,000 (well over its $50,000 goal), and has unfortunately sold out for now, so if you’ve missed out you’re going to have to stick with the exceptionally arduous task of “actually throwing a ball with your hand”. Sorry.