You can now build and customise your own Fender guitar online

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Fretbangers of the world, lend us your (tinnitus-riddled) ears: here's news that'll have all you four- and six-stringers slamming your whammy bars in excitement. 

Iconic instrument mavericks Fender have just launched a Mod Shop. Nope, it's not a place you can go to get a Paul Weller 'do, it's where all you wannabe (Joe) Strummers can customise your very own guitar or bass online, tweak your creations in real time and snapshot your bespoke options until you're ready to slaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Then, bish bash bosh, you're playing Stairway To Heaven to 60,000 screaming fans in just 30 days (this is not a guaranteed element of the service). 

Customers can play around with the colour, wood finish, tuner, bridge and more, with Telecaster (Keith Richards' fave) and Stratocaster (Hendrix's choice) guitars and Jazz and Precision basses all options to pick from. The site also encourages you to head to your local music shop to work on your dream axe with an expert. Oh, and before you ask, there's no option to add a flamethrower to the neck. Trust us. 

The best news? Expect to cough up around $1500 for the finished product (a touch over £1000). That's nowhere near as much as we'd anticipated. 

The worst news? For now, it looks like it's a service only available in the States.


Pic: Andre Csillag/REX/Shutterstock


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