This Lamborghini Concept Is The Type Of Car Batman Would Drive On Date Night


You can now buy the 2006 Lamborghini Concept S if you have a lot of money. 

Back in 2005, the Italian supercar manufacturer set the tongues of gear heads wagging when it hauled a shimmering satin cloth off a frame that was impossibly low to the ground. Underneath, was the following vision of motoring ecstasy.

With its two-seat build and scant windscreen, the muscular Concept S appeared to be a steroid-pumped successor to Adam West's Batmobile. The open-top variation on the Lamborghini Gallardo was initially only created as a non-driving frame, but as it was greeted to the sound of a thousand camera shutters at 2005's Geneva motor show, Lamborghini decided to build a working model. 

Dubbed the Concorso Italiano, the fully-functional "001" build was unveiled the following year as a muscular demonstration of the company's design prowess. While interest in the car was substantial, costs and construction time prevented the model from going into production. It's this true one-of-a-kind model that is now set to roll on the RM Sotheby's auction stand at its Manhattan event on 18 November, with an estimated price tag of £1.9 million.

The eventual winning bidder might want to keep a few quid spare to pick up a helmet. And goggles. And one of those Biggles scarves. 

(Images: RM Sotheby's)


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