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WWE is considering bringing Wrestlemania to London

It would be the first time ever

WWE is considering bringing Wrestlemania to London

The UK has never held a Wrestlemania main event, but it seems we shouldn’t write off the possibility of it ever happening.

Almost every single showpiece event has been held in the United States, but a recent fan survey suggests the British capital is in the mix for future editions.

The appeal is absolutely there – British fans regularly pack out events when the WWE tours over here, and we hosted Summerslam back in 1992 – but can we convince the WWE to drag its main event away from US shores?

Brock Lesnar holds aloft the WWE Universal Championship after beating Goldberg at Wrestlemainia 33

As reported by The Independent, a survey sent to those who attended Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando earlier this year asked for people’s opinions on potential host cities.

Most of those under consideration are in the United States, but London and Toronto are also in the mix. Toronto has twice held Wrestlemania main events, most recently in 2002, but it has never come to Europe, let alone the UK.

The Undertaker retired from WWE at Wreslemania 33 in April

2002 was also the last year that WWE crowned a European champion, and with professional wrestling enjoying a resurgence in the UK and Europe it could be the perfect time to set the wheels in motion for what would surely be an immensely popular event.

I mean sure, it requires a (probably) mostly American audience to decide they want to leave North America for Wrestlemania for the first time ever, but we’re saying there’s a chance.

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