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Worst George Clooney Lookalike ever

It's a farce we're telling you

Worst George Clooney Lookalike ever

Take a look at the picture above. What do you see? Yes, three men in a bar. What you don’t see is anyone who looks like George Clooney. And yet, AND YET, the bloke on the left – let’s call him David James Glendon – has just won a George Clooney lookalike competition.

Incredible, eh? Our flabbers are ghasted too. So here’s what we know. The contest took place in Kilkenny last month, and, here’s the best bit, 783 people entered. And he was the winner? There’s nowt as queer as folk.

We smell a red herring PR stunt. It appears that the guy who organised the contest – Gabriel Murray, the suave chap on the right, looks more like Clooney if we’re honest – is a local filmmaker who recently discovered that the Hollywood icon’s roots can be traced back to Irish city.

Anyway, for scooping such a prestigious award, Glendon is off to the Oscars next month. Just don’t sit him near gorgeous George. Crikey, people will be so confused.

(Image: Eoin Hennessy)

[via Kilkenny People]