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Watch the world's leaders literally laugh in Trumps face when he tells a blatant lie

President Trump is literally a laughing stock

Watch the world's leaders literally laugh in Trumps face when he tells a blatant lie
Tom Victor
26 September 2018

The continuing presidency of Donald Trump has reached a bizarre phase.

He’s not exactly a sitting duck, purely because he has managed to avoid so many things which might have meant the end of his predecessors. More like a sitting penguin, maybe.

Simply put, many are confused about what it would take for him to lose his power, and all the while he is making increasingly contentious and/or stupid public statements with few repercussions.

While we wait for the US midterm elections in November – something which legitimately could have a bearing on Trump’s position – maybe the best approach is… just laugh openly at his every move?

We all know Trump will speak untruths about certain things, either consciously or unconsciously, and we’re starting to realise he might not even have as much of a filter than the worst-case scenarios would imply.

The President was invited to speak before the United Nations General Assembly, in a moment future generations may look back upon with bafflement.

“In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country,” Trump told a room full of world leaders. Spoiler: by pretty much every metric you could think of, it has not done that.

Had a previous President made such an outrageous statement, it might have been met with polite deference. With Trump, though, that pretence has been well and truly abandoned.

President Trump has a bit of a chuckle to himself afterwards, admitting he “didn’t expect” that kind of reaction – presumably he was anticipating rapturous applause and, possibly, a medal for completing a sentence in his normal speaking voice.

Still, he acknowledged people’s response to his words, which feels like… progress, maybe?

Trump’s self-promotion comes shortly after Hillary Clinton, his rival in the 2016 presidential race, described American democracy as being “in crisis”.

We may well be in limbo, at least until the midterms, but at least we now know what world leaders make of his bombast.

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