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Woman sues over smelly car

Turns out she has a good reason

Woman sues over smelly car

Ahhh, that new car smell. The fresh scent of possibility and pine.

Okay so when you're buying a used car, the smell is somewhat diminished, but it should still be there, in essence.

For Michigan resident Margarita Salais, not only was the new car smell not there but it was replaced with something far nastier. When the car was purchased in March, it was cold and the smell wasn't too bad but as summer came, it got worse.

She originally took it back to the dealer and was told that the smell was down to a dead animal. After filing a claim with her insurance company, they determined that the stench was (twist) from a dead person instead.

They also discovered that it had been stolen three times. The dealership failed to tell Salais any of this information and she is now suing them for $25,000 (£15,988), legal fees and hopefully a lifetime supply of deoderant.

[via UPI]