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Woman drives golf cart drunk to buy scarecrow

Gets arrested. Obviously.

Woman drives golf cart drunk to buy scarecrow
Danielle de Wolfe
29 September 2011

Sometimes, you just need to get to the shops as fast as possible, regardless of what mode of transport you have available or how much alcohol you've consumed.

For 59-year-old Jacqueline Hamilton, she had such an urge and quickly grabbed her husband's golf cart to race to her local CVS pharmacy as soon as possible.

With good reason too as, despite being completely intoxicated, she had to stock up an a) more whisky and b) a scarecrow. Weaving in and out of lanes, with no lights on, she sped her way there and was found by police slurring erratically yet with her much-needed items in hand.

After her 10 drinks at home, she'd quickly realised that as well as getting more drunk, she should also start getting Halloween decorations ready for her sure-to-be-proud grandchildren.

She was taken to the local jail and the golf cart was returned to her husband. Meanwhile, Hollywood screenwriters made a note to include this scene in the next film where Betty White regurgitates her "wacky old woman" routine.

(Image: Rex Features)