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Wisdom from Street Fighter

Wisdom from Street Fighter

Wisdom from Street Fighter

In 1987, Capcom unleashed a new challenger to the halls of gaming arcades. Staring a martial artist by the name of Ryu, the polished, tactical six button fighting game would soon transform the world of beat'em'ups, with the success of 1991's Street Fighter II confirming that the Japanese publishers had a champion on its hands.

A staggering 28 years on and the Street Fighter series is still the undisputed king of combos, with Ultra Street Fighter IV the latest title to exercise gamers' thumbs. We've collected together our favourite words of wisdom from some of the many fighters who've stepped into the SF arena: from wise words to brutal brags, there's something to learn from each of these.

Let us know if we've missed any of your favourite words of wisdom in the comments below.

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Round 1. Fight!

Ryu (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"True victory is to give all of yourself, without regret."

Gouken (Street Fighter IV)

"Concentrate not on destroying your foe, but on obtaining your own victory."

Vega (Street Fighter IV)

"Everyone's blood is beautiful, even if the owner is not."

Akuma (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)

"To show mercy is to show proof of your imperfections!"

Chun-Li (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"Speed is something more important than strength!"

Guile (Super Street Fighter IV)

"The only way to win is to keep a cool head and stay focused."

Rose (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"Every action has the potential to fill or empty one's heart."

T. Hawk (Super Street Fighter IV)

"We are but branches on the tree of life."

M. Bison (Street Fighter IV)

"Only one man can rule the planet through fear and intimidation!"

Akuma (Super Street Fighter II)

"One must defeat one's own shadow, one's own demon, or he is condemned to nothingness."

Gouken (Super Street Fighter IV)

"We are all our own worst enemy. But also our best teacher."

Vega (Street Fighter IV)

"The blood-curdling shriek of defeat is more beautiful than any music."

Oni (Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition)

"There are things which mere humans simply cannot understand."

Urien (Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact)

"Fighting has no relation to friendship."

Chun-Li (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)

"Put some thought into your actions and you will eliminate your regrets."

Karin (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"To defeat an opponent is to get to know them intimately..."

Gill (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)

"It is natural that you desire what you can never have or achieve!"

T. Hawk (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"Peace is something that can be wished and fought for."

Juri (Super Street Fighter IV)

"Where's the fun in fighting a gentleman that follows the rules?"

Gouken (Super Street Fighter IV)

"Don't think that strength alone defines you as a person. It could destroy you."

Ken Masters (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"True strength is something money and credit cards cannot buy!"

Guile (Street Fighter II)

"Go home and be a family man."

Ryu (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"Sometimes the most important battle, is the battle within..."

Rose (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"A life shrouded in darkness is spent searching for the light..."

Akuma (Super Street Fighter IV)

"To enslave yourself to destiny is to admit weakness!"

Ryu (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"Whatever you find worthwhile in life, is worth fighting for!"

Gouken (Street Fighter IV)

"Simply relying on your fists is not enough. The mind holds true power."

T. Hawk (Super Street Fighter IV)

"Rushing to get there is pointless... for 'there' exists only in your mind."

Alex (Street Fighter III)

"Keep your cool and don't worry so much about winning or losing..."

Cody (Street Fighter IV)

"The only thing that doesnt change, is the excitment of the fight."

Sagat (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"Do not challenge what you cannot defeat!"

Zangief (Street Fighter IV)

"If you want to build your leg muscles, you should try the Cossack Dance!"

E Honda

"Nothing is as thrilling as fighting in such a vast world!"

Ryu (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

"Your strength is equal to that of your will to win!"

El Fuerte (Super Street Fighter IV)

"You can't fight if you can't cook!"