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Wisconsin in margarine storm

You'd butter believe it... ahem

Wisconsin in margarine storm
21 September 2011

As causes go, we can think of more important things to fight for, but hey.

Since the late 1800s, there’s been resentment a-smouldering in Wisconsin surrounding a certain contraband – no, not crystal meth, but *whisper it*- margarine.

It’s not just Wisconsin, of course. Many places have banned or restricted the use of margarine in order to protect the dairy industries, but in this particular state, substituting margarine for butter without it being requested by the customer is punishable with a maximum $500 fine.

Now representatives are trying to get the law repealed in the hopes of saving money by serving it to prisoners – marg being three times cheaper than butter.

“It’s silly, antiquated, and anti-free market,” said representative Dale Kooyenga.

While spending time trying to overturn laws about margarine isn’t silly at all, is it. Oh no.

(Image: Rex Features)