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Why did the police just raid Prince’s mansion?

Mystery over artist's death continues

Why did the police just raid Prince’s mansion?

While the world mourned the loss of Prince, who died aged just 57 on 21 April, the focus was, rightly, on the incredible legacy of work he left behind for us to enjoy forever.

But as time moves on, questions are still being asked about what exactly killed the legendary Minneapolis musician - and it looks increasingly like we may have another Michael Jackson-style situation on our hands.

CNN affiliate WCCO reported that more than a dozen vehicles, carrying agents from the US Drug Enofrcement Administration, who were executing a federal search warrant, together with local sheriff's deputies, were present on Tuesday at Paisley Park, Prince's residential and studio complex - the location where the musician died.

The Carver County Sheriff's Office tweeted that "Detectives are revisiting the scene at Paisley Park as a component of a complete investigation. No other information is available."

Another search was conducted last Thursday at the office of a doctor who said he twice examined the singer in April. According to the warrant, Dr Michael Schulenberg saw Prince on 7 April and 20 April, prescribing medicine for Prince. He visited Prince's house on the day he died to drop off test results, and was present when detectives first arrived. Dr Schulenberg is reportedly no longer employed by the medical centre he worked for when Prince was his patient, but no details have been given as to why this is the case.

Meanwhile, the day before his death, Prince's team called Dr Howard Kornfeld, an opioid addiction specialist based in California seeking "urgent help" for the artist, according to William Mauzy, an attorney working for the specialist. As Dr Kornfeld could not travel immediately to help the star, his son Andrew was sent to Minnesota, tasked with helping "evaluate Prince's health and encourage him to enter treatment for pain management and potential addiction issues". Andrew was, seemingly, the man who called 911 from Paisley Park.

According to a source who spoke to CNN, investigators found prescription opioid medication both on Prince himself, and at Paisley Park in a search conducted immediately after his death.

The picture will undoubtedly become clearer when the results of an autopsy conducted on 22 April are released.

Will it be another 'dodgy doctor'? Was Prince not looked after by his 'inner circle'? Was he the architect of his own downfall? Or was it a mixture of all three? Or, of course, could it simply have been natural causes?

We will soon find out.

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