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Here are the favourites to take over as the new Top Gear presenter

Here are the favourites to take over as the new Top Gear presenter

Here are the favourites to take over as the new Top Gear presenter

Did you hear that one about Nigel Farage and David Cameron being the new Top Gear presenters? Because they both resigned recently, and Chris Evans was fired and, and... do you get it yet? Oh, sorry. Yes. Because literally everyone is making it. 

While the BBC has reportedly said it isn't looking to hire anyone to replace the departed Evans, and will instead shuffle its pack of considerably talented individuals (we're looking at you, Rory Reid), the bookies still have a feeling another big name will be added to its roster between now and filming of series two.

With this in mind we consulted the good minds of Paddy Power, who've listed the runners and riders who could yet snap up the Top Gear presenting role.

Jenson Button

After the F1 star appeared on the show last month, fans immediately began tweeting that he should replace Evans as the host. The bookies now have him down as a favourite, with odds currently at 8/1, although a BBC Spokesman said a few weeks ago that there was "no chance" of Button joining the team. A little unkind, if you ask us. 

Guy Martin

Having already presented the Channel 4 series Speed with Guy Martin, and with 12 years experience motorcyle racing, Martin is considered a strong contender for the role. Also, he can do this with his eyes, which is nice. The odds are 5/1. 

Dermot O'Leary

Has he got The X Factor? Well, yes, in that he is currently presenting it, but no in that he's by no means an expert on cars. He does have the letters 'MOT' in his name though, so there's that.

The odds are currently 10/1 on the presenter, who was in the running for the role last year when he left The X Factor, but has since returned to the ITV singing competition. 

Matthew Perry

The odds are 100/1 on a Joey and Chandler reunion, and there is currently no word on the appearance of the ceramic dog. 

Steve Coogan

Coogan has been on Top Gear three times, but admitted on Alan Carr that he turned down the presenting job last year due to the pressures of the role. Still, the odds are 4/1 and we for one plan to ask him really, really nicely. 

Jodie Kidd

Model and racing driver Jodie Kidd was a favourite to replace Clarkson after he was ushered out last year, but she admitted in interviews the show would "take over [her] soul" as it wouldn't leave time for other projects. Despite this, her odds are still 16/1. Wishful thinking, eh? 

Tinie Tempah

Fans are united in wanting Tinie Tempah to fill Chris' shoes, as he made an impression when he appeared on the show earlier this year. After his appearance, he tweeted: "I'd love to be one of the hosts... I'm ready whenever they want me." That would be now, Mr Tempah. That would be now. 

Richard Osman

The Pointless presenter is either going to star in Top Gear or be the new leader of the Labour party, we're yet to figure out which. 

Rebecca Jackson

The odds are 8/1 on Jackson who is already both a racing driver and a TV presenter. So far she has remained oddly quiet on the issue, mentioning nothing about why she would or wouldn't like the job. 

Nigel Farage

He's less of a racist than Clarkson, sure, but the two do share the same old boy charm. Plus, did we mention he's in the market for a job? You can have that joke for free. The odds are 100/1.