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What are the odds?

2,235,197,406,895,366,368,301,559,999 to 1

What are the odds?
25 November 2011

Odds of a thousand quadrillion – or a thousand million million million million – to one seem impossible.

But that's exactly the figure defied by whist players from Kineton, Warkickshire who were all dealt a complete suit in an opening hand.

The Mail says the 28-digit figure is the equivalent odds of a person finding a specific drop of water in the Pacific Ocean.

Wenda Douthwaite who has played for 50 years, said: ‘We’ve never seen anything like it before. Everything was done as usual."

"The cards were shuffled, cut and dealt as normal but that was the only thing that was normal. And it was the first game of the night as well. As soon as I picked up my cards I saw I had a complete set of spades.

"Suddenly someone around the table said they’d got a complete suit too. We compared cards and were totally shocked when one of us had all the hearts, another had the diamonds, another had the clubs and I had the spades. I was shaking when we laid the cards down on the table.

"I think the expression is gobsmacked. It’s just a pity the Guinness Book of Records wasn’t there to witness it."

Dealer Ron Coles, 73, said: ‘I would swear on my grandchildren’s lives it was not fixed. It was one of those strange things that happen in life now and again.’

Via The Daily Mail

Image: SWNS