What £1.5k Per Month Rent In London Gets You Compared To Other UK Cities

The average London rent for new movers is now double the national average, hitting an eye watering £1,500 per month compared to the average of £738 outside of London.

Here’s what £1,500 per month will get you in other great UK cities…

London - 2 Bedroom Flat

Edinburgh - 2 Bedroom Flat

Glasgow - 3 Bedroom Flat

Birmingham - 2 Bedroom Apartment

Manchester - 3 Bedroom, Terraced House

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Sheffield - 5 Bedroom, Terraced House

Bristol - 4 Bedroom, Cottage

Liverpool  - Bedroom, Terraced house

Brighton - 2 Bedroom, Flat

Leeds - 2 Bedroom, Apartment

Newcastle - 3 Bedroom, Penthouse Flat

[Source: Rightmove & Homelet]