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What £1K per month rent in London gets you compared to other global cities

What £1K per month rent in London gets you compared to other global cities

What £1K per month rent in London gets you compared to other global cities
18 December 2015

‘Not much’ is the short (and wholly unsurprising) answer.

Living in the capital can be a pretty eye-watering experience. When you aren't paying over the odds for some badly furnished shoe box, you’re paying over the odds for the location.

In fact, the more central you go, the more likely it becomes that you're going to be sleeping on the fridge and forking out £650 per month for the privilege.

So Londoners, look away now if you want to keep your sanity, as US lifestyle website Elite Daily has scanned the average property prices in 13 major cities, working out what sort of rental property you’d get for $1,500 per month. Or £1K for us.

Of course you might be lucky enough to live outside of London, in which case please read on and have a little laugh…in your massive castle.


Let's get the depressing one out of the way now. This London bedsit, located somewhere between Pimlico and Victoria, will set you back £235 per week. At least it would have done if a) it hadn't just been taken off the market, and b) you weren't stupid enough to sign the contract.


That’s it, we’re moving to South Africa, where £1k in the capital gets you a charming three-story luxury four bedroom place with an outdoor grilling deck. It even has three flipping bathrooms. Superb.

New Delhi

While New Delhi is home to its fair share of billionaires, it’s still able to provide plenty of rent for your rupee. For a tidy £1K, you could live in this three bedroom, three bathroom (yes, that’s a bathroom each - you'd be living the dream) which forms a 1,800 square feet in a gated community with 24hr security. 


Much like London, there aren't too many bargains to mull over in Moscow. Prices are so steep even this rustic-looking abode will set you back a whopping £1K per month. It is very central, but there’s only one small room and a bedroom. The other catch being that Vladimir Putin will come around to harvest your soul.


You don’t need to be Will Smith to know Miami is a place worth spending a few days in. Well judging by this downtown property, which boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a pool no less, it’s also a city we could spend a few years in. 


Sadly all too synonymous with abandoned car factories and mass poverty, Detroit’s silver lining is that house prices are still rock bottom. That, and a statue of Robocop is on the way, but mainly the house prices, including this 1,400 square foot loft, with rooftop deck, hot-tub and jazzy staircase, available for a snip at £1K per month.


An ultra-modern one bedroom 23rd floor studio apartment with free access to building facilities including a swimming pool, sauna, gym, table tennis, pool table and a giant novelty can of Fosters. We're joking, they don't even drink Fosters down there - it's Castlemaine.


A fully furnished one-bedroom apartment building and balcony covering 400 square feet without papier-mâché walls? Sayonara, London, we'll be in Tokyo if anyone wants us.