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Wedding gift video causes mass manhunt

Fake kidnapping backfires big time

Wedding gift video causes mass manhunt

TheLocal.De is definitely our favourite online English language German newspaper. In fairness, competition is scarce.

Today they're reporting that a fake kidnapping kickstarted a huge manhunt in the town of Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia .

The balaclava-clad assailants were in fact making a 'funny' wedding video for a newly engaged couple, entitled “the stolen wedding gift.”

Macabre as that may sound, when they were spotted by two women bundling a lady into the van, they meant no harm.

It didn't appear that way and the have-a-go-heroes called the cops and followed the van until they lost in in traffic. From here the police took over, sending choppers into the skies to track the green Opel Corsa, before going on camera to issue a plea for help from the public.

Hours later, an embarrassed woman told officers that she had “something to explain."

Hope they filmed the helicopters for high-budget effect, Super 8-style

Image: Rex