Waterstones just gave customers a very rude unintended Tweet



In news that threatens to cause tremors in the very highest corridors of power, a new scandal has emerged involving the UK’s most beloved bookseller and a seemingly innocuous post sent out from its official Twitter account.

Inviting followers to seek solace from the drizzly climate in-store, Waterstones Uxbridge made a ‘typo’ this week, mistaking wellies for – well, we’ll let you work it out…

Of course, as day follows night, and internet users follow mistakes, it wasn’t long before the Tweet had Twitter users asking how the branch could go from family friendly to 50 Shades of Grey in a slip of the keyboard.

Addressing the blunder, Waterstones had this to say:

But that’s not our biggest grievance. What about ‘Morny?’ What kind of abbreviation is that? Which moron living on planet Earth and speaking English ever utters that?

In fairness, they probably meant ‘horny’.