Watch this incredible VR video of a man nearly being hit by a landing plane


How far would you go to get that killer snap for Instagram? The one that’ll get you, like, 62 likes, easy?

For Mekki Jaidi, the answer was to stand so close to a landing plane that the aircraft’s front wheel actually left a black rubber mark on his shutter finger as it flew overhead.

This VR video captures the moment where the plane so very nearly decapitated the photographer. It raises a number of questions. Not least, why the hell would you build a road so close to a landing flight path?

Mainly though, is it a fake (as so many made-for-viral videos nowadays are)? The answer to that is a resolute no – Jaidi posted the photo he took to his Instagram feed later that day. It already has 347 likes, and counting.

Keep the video centred on the bloke with the shorts, and salute this very silly social media star.