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Watch Riz Ahmed absolutely destroy James Corden off in a rap battle

One of the stars of Rogue One turns out to be pretty handy with a microphone

Watch Riz Ahmed absolutely destroy James Corden off in a rap battle
18 April 2017

Since he’s taken on the job of hosting The Late Late Show in the US, James Corden has proved himself to be a decent rapper; decent enough to go head to head with many of his guests in the ancient art of rap battles. He’s often taken apart to some extent, but he hasn’t often been nailed quite as effectively as he was by Riz Ahmed, a fellow Brit who starred in the most recent Star Wars movie, and who has been known to rap a bit on the side himself.

"I speak the truth you're a liar / He's like Sean Spicer mixed with a singing Uber driver," Ahmed rapped. "James and I are from the same place on the map, that's how I know he just stole Graham Norton's act / I'm a bit confused with his show he's saying he sings and dances cute / Isn't that Ellen? Look at you I bet you think you're great but your show's so late nobody's awake."

His whole set was peppered with zingers – with perhaps the best being "You look like Matt Damon if he only ate butter" or “When he left for the States, we were like, 'Yo, please take him'."

Corden isn’t helped by the weird transatlantic accent he adopts during his raps, but he does get a few licks of his own. 

"I know ruining a Star Wars is seen as unlawful/ But here's a Rogue One spoiler: in it he's awful/ Honestly it's mean to say in Star Wars he stinks/ He made me miss the days of Jar-Jar Binks."

Honestly, it’s worth your while watching the whole lot and there are killer lines from both men. But despite their heavy hits, from their embrace afterwards, it doesn’t look as though it’s harmed their friendship any – which will surely come as a relief for the legions of shippers online.