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Watch Jerry from ‘Parks and Rec’ send up THAT Fyre documentary scene

Andy King, eat your heart out

Watch Jerry from ‘Parks and Rec’ send up THAT Fyre documentary scene
25 February 2019

You best know actor Jim O’Heir from his role as everyone’s favourite punching bag Jerry in Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation.

His character is almost always the butt of the joke – which makes his latest cameo for the Independent Spirit Awards, spoofing Fyre Festival’s Andy King, absolutely perfect.

The skit, which also stars fellow Parks and Rec alumni Aubrey Plaza, sends up that scene from the Fyre documentary, 

“She said you have to go to Costco. You have to find a cashier named Joel who has got all of the water bottles. And will you save this award show and suck his dick?” O’Heir says.

“That’s what friends are for,” Jerry says. “And I know she would do the same for me.”

King, famously, made about a gazillion headlines after his appearance in the Netflix documentary about the extremely ill-fated Fyre Festival.

King, an experienced events planner, had told organisers that he’d do anything to help them pull it off – and when they asked him to go and “suck the dick” of customs officials to get a shipment of Evian released, he went down there prepared to do it.

In the end, it (thankfully) wasn’t necessary. But the story made King famous, and he’s now in talks with several networks keen to give him his own show.

“I had three TV show offers this week, from notable networks,” King said. “You’re too young to remember this, but in the old world of TV it was The Carol Burnett Show and these fun, light-hearted shows that weren’t all crime-related,”

“You see the attractiveness of HGTV today. People love Flip or Flop or Fixer Upper. Let’s just say it’s going to be a show about hosting crazy events—what it takes to make them happen. There will be cliff-hangers, and you’ll get to follow me around and see how I pull them off.”

Image: Netflix