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Watch Alec Baldwin destroy Trump’s press conference on Saturday Night Live

America is going to be 'literally showered with jobs'

Watch Alec Baldwin destroy Trump’s press conference on Saturday Night Live
Danielle de Wolfe
16 January 2017

FAKE NEWS, I hear you say, as a retort to anything you don’t like. But, terrifyingly, it’s only four days until Mr Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America. And it ain’t fake.

Saturday Night Live and Alex Baldwin have gone in hard on lampooning the soon-to-be POTUS again this weekend. Mocking his deliriously weird first press conference in six months, and focusing hard on the golden topic that was tape-gate last week.

Kicking off with a line that we are all waiting for Trump’s melting mouth to sneer – “ yes, this is really happening, yes this is real life” - Baldwin opens the toilet lid on Trump’s alleged bad behaviour in a Russian hotel. He “does not want to talk about pee pee” but then lets us know he is a “major whizz at jobs” that it is “a golden opportunity for me as President to make a big splash” and asks “who’s with me? You’re in, urine, urine urine”. Piss poor, Trump, you are.

Featuring a topless VHS wielding Vladmir Putin, a giggling Steve Harvey and a lawyer who clearly doesn’t want to be there – the sketch is maybe their best yet.


Which is confirmation, if it were needed, that you should go ahead and watch the skit immediately.