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​Warburtons is turning left over crumpets into beer

Tea time can now be called beer time.

​Warburtons is turning left over crumpets into beer
Danielle de Wolfe
26 February 2020

Have you ever chowed down on a crumpet whilst sipping tea and thought the experience just wasn’t crumpety enough?

Fret not, for Warburtons is taking its crumpet game to the next level by unveiling a beer that is actually made out of, you guessed it, crumpets.

Why? Well, it seems consumers are cut-throat individuals who wouldn’t dream of consuming irregular shaped baked goods.

As such, instead of chucking the crumpets that aren’t quite symmetrical or holey enough into a dough-filled grave, Warburtons is repurposing them as a beer ingredient.

Teaming up with Toast, the brands claim to have created the first-ever drink brewed using the tea-time treat.

Created using Wheat, Barley, Oats and Soya, the light IPA replaces some of the malted barley with crumpet pieces before fermentation takes place.

Warburtons is turning left over crumpets into beer, apparently

It makes total sense given the amount of yeast involved in both baking and beer brewing. And with an ABV of 4.2% the result is also a beer that raises the creative bar.

The initiative is all about giving back, with Toast donating all profits to charities that focus on fixing the food system in order to save the planet.

“We’re thrilled to announce an innovative way of utilising our ‘wonky’ products whilst celebrating the nation’s love of crumpets,” notes Head of Warburtons Product Innovation, Darren Littler.

“Not only are we proud that Crumpet Beer is our first non-baked product we’ve ever launched, there’s nothing ‘butter’ than this cold brew teamed with a plate of warm crumpets!’

Priced at £28 for a 12-pack, you might also be interested to hear that the beer is also suitable for vegans.

Warburtons limited edition crumpet beer is now available from the Toast Ale website.