Waggish Twitter account is making London tube adverts honest

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Joe Ellison

Treachery. Fibbing. Lies.

Should you be one of the millions who regularly avoid all eye contact with strangers on the London Underground by scrutinising the small cardboard ads above their heads, you too might think this was what TFL stands for.

From those patronising tube etiquette cartoons which make Be Like Bill memes seem less annoying in compassion, to misplaced banter on shampoo billboards and the sheer punchability of's Mark – who with any luck has had his Oyster Card taken away for good - the marketing guff plastered throughout the underground only ever seems to get worse. Don't fear though, as help is at hand.

Allow us to present you with the Twitter account @WeFixYourAdvert, waggishly altering tube ads into more honest reflections of what we actually think when reading them. Set up by Aaron Gillies and James Menzies, it's seriously wonderful.

We've compiled the very best below.


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