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VIDEO: Worst shoplifters ever?

Greed + stupidity = disaster

VIDEO: Worst shoplifters ever?
22 November 2011

Stealing £400 of alcohol from your local supermarket is a relatively ambitious plan. Okay so it's no Ocean's Eleven but it still requires a certain amount of planning and thought.

Not the case with this Mancunian pair. Rose Devlin, 59, and Denise Egan, 52, went on a Supermarket Sweep around their local ASDA, piling £400 worth of booze in their trolley.

But after they packed it all into the boot, they had trouble closing it. With some help, they were all set to go but after they started to drive away, they realised that they had run out of petrol so had to be pushed to the nearest gas station.

Oh and all of this was captured on CCTV. The word fail doesn't even come close.

They weren't caught immediately but after they tried to repeat the stunt months later, they were arrested. They are currently being sentenced.

You can watch the skilled criminals below:

[via Manchester Evening News]