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VIDEO: Robin Cooper's Cricket Song

We don't like Robin Cooper. We love him.

VIDEO: Robin Cooper's Cricket Song
04 January 2012

There are not enough songs dedicated to the beatific joy of cricket which also act as cautionary tales about the dangers of parking on double yellow lines.

So lustily pat yourself on the back Robin Cooper. We have heard your ode to cricket (sample lyric: Cricket is the game that we enjoy/throwing the ball into the air) and we think it's pretty ace.

Cooper, for the uninitiated is an ace telephone prankster and fictitious character who was behind the hilarious Timewaster Letters that ran in the much-missed Jack magazine back in the last decade.

Cooper recently rang Anglo Indian television station Venus TV to air his delightful ditty. If you missed it, we heartily recommend you show it some love immediately.

(Image: YouTube)