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VIDEO: Magnetic/magic ball display

Everyone should have this much fun at work

VIDEO: Magnetic/magic ball display

Getting old involves the loss of many things. Hair, joy and your mind are among the most unbearable yet, quite often, "being able to jump into a ball pit" gets all-too-easily forgotten about.

When the members of Physalia Studio were asked to design something under the banner of 'happy', they remembered this fact and concocted a rather magnificent idea.

Using those eternally satisfying plastic balls and a scrapyard-dwelling magnet machine, they created an electromagnetic field that caused an awesome ripple of colourful activity.

The project was for the F5 Re: Play Fest in NYC (you know the one, right?) but the video footage has managed to cause general happiness all-round.

If this doesn't cause a smile then we're giving up on you.

Main image: Rex