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Unluckiest thief ever

Pity the fool

Unluckiest thief ever
19 March 2012

We've all witnessed at least ten movie scenes that leave us angrily claiming that what we're seeing could never happen in real life.

But, sometimes the far less exciting real world can deliver a situation that would be unfairly laughed off the big screen.

Nineteen-year-old Pennsylvania resident Joshua Devonshire spent his days breaking into cars and stealing what he could find. He got lucky after he managed to find a credit card in one vehicle and went off to spend his winnings at a gas station.

Smugly handing over the card to the clerk, things started to go downhill. Firstly, the attendant recognised him from high school and secondly, she recognised the name on the credit card: it was her mother's. After an understandably awkward confrontation, Devonshire fled the store.

Hoping to right his wrongs, he was then seen by the clerk's mother attempting to break back into her car to return the stolen goods. He was arrested later in the day when he was seen sleeping in another car.

He's being charged with two counts of theft and one count of access device fraud. Movie rights are yet to be sold.

[via UPI]

(Image: All Star)