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The 'Beast from the East' is going to return for the final instalment of the trilogy

Will it ever be summer?

The 'Beast from the East' is going to return for the final instalment of the trilogy
20 March 2018

We warned you last week of the Beast from the East returning to deliver its difficult second album over the weekend. Well, now that’s over, perhaps we could all dust off the balcony and think about leaving the house for more than 20 minutes? Right? 


In possibly the most demoralising news this year (and there’s been a lot) the Met Office have warned that the Beast is returning for the third and (please God, final) instalment of his triology, over…Easter Weekend. Of course it is. Why does he never come on a Tuesday and snow us in before work? 

Weather experts are warning of a ‘White Easter’ (it’s a shame that song never took off as much as the other one) and say that cold winds from the Arctic could sweep down over the UK in the days leading up to the long weekend, with temperatures potentially reaching -8 in some areas of the country. That’s cooolllld.

BBC weather presenter Simon King was the bringer of bad news as he explained that this can happen after a ‘sudden stratospheric warming’ which apparently happened in January. Does anyone remember being catastrophically warm in January? No, us neither.

So we don’t mean to bring you down, but prepare yourself for one more bout of listening to people moaning about snow: 

‘I don’t mind it at Christmas but this is ridiculous.’/‘I like it on the first day but after that it’s just mush and so inconvenient.’/‘I thought global warming was supposed to make us hotter?’ 

Just hide out in whatever relative’s spare room you’re in this Easter weekend, for the (surely) last bitterly cold days of the year, instead of listening to people boring on.

See you on the other side people.

(Image: Getty)