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Two days free gym access

Courtesy of the lovely people at LA fitness

Two days free gym access

Christmas is a cruel mistress, isn't she? All that gravy, eh? Chances are you've turned into quite the tunker. Workmates are calling you Flabby Flabberson, aren't they?

Fear not for salvation is at hand, beginning with two days of free access to your nearest LA fitness for every ShortList reader.

The gym specialists are offering you 48 hours access to gyms and pool facilities as part of their Church of LA fitness promotion. "Christmas Temptation needs Gym Salvation" as they put it. To claim your voucher simply head here, and type in the voucher code SHORTLIST when prompted. Then bingo, you'll be sent a voucher to print off and take into your nearest LA fitness.

As part of the overall campaign LA fitness are also offering everyone (not just our wonderful readers) a no joining fee, no contract offer. Head this way for more about that.