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People are taking hilarious tours of Trump's UK 'no-go areas'

Somehow, they're coming out alive

People are taking hilarious tours of Trump's UK 'no-go areas'
06 February 2018

As of yet, we haven’t had the pleasure of welcoming president Donald Trump to our shores.

For some reason, the British public haven’t really taken too kindly to the failed-businessman-turned-reality-star-turned-politician and his frequent pronouncements on what British life is like. Of course, he famously told us to “focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom” rather than apologise for retweeting fake, racist missives from the far-right group Britain First, while only this week he was tweeting nonsense about the NHS, which achieved the unlikely feat of uniting both Conservatives and Labour in pointing out just how wrong he was.

And one of his, and other far-right figures’ favourite yarns is to tell us all about ‘no-go zones’ in the UK, where supposedly sharia law is in operation and the streets aren’t safe. One of these is apparently the borough of Tower Hamlets, in the east end of London.

As someone who has lived in London their whole life, in places all across it, let me tell you: it’s total bollocks.

But don’t just take it from me; security specialist Dan Kaszeta decided to take a walk around Tower Hamlets and document it on Twitter, just to see how frightening and dangerous it was out there. So sit back, and prepare yourself for the uncontrolled carnage you’re about to witness.

Inspired by Dan, Luton-based writer Mike Stuchberry decided to embark on a similar quest in his town:

Of course, will this be enough to silence the trolls? As one American explained, sadly, probably not.

Be careful out there. Those streets are wild guys.

(Image: Rex)