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The first trailer for Marvel and Netflix's Iron Fist has landed

Another reason for you to never leave the sofa

The first trailer for Marvel and Netflix's Iron Fist has landed
08 February 2017

Is there anything Marvel can’t do?

Batman. It can’t do Batman. This minor grievance aside, all appears well in the Marvel Universe right now, which looks to have another hit on its hands judging by this new trailer.

Yes, hot on the Lycra-clad heels of Daredevil and ‘how-good-is-that-motherfucking-show’ Luke Cage, here comes its latest Netflix solo story, Iron Fist.

Not a rip off of Iron Man, just a lesser known Marvelite...who, yeah, also happens to be a billionaire who gains his powers after a life-changing accident, but whatever, it’s a lesser known story but a good one.

Starring Game of Thrones’ Finn Jones as Danny Rand, who, after a plane crash, is taken in by Buddhists monks and soon inherits mysterious powers, with which he must use to fight relentlessly to regain everything he's lost, and punch things incredibly hard while he’s at it.

Comic book nerds may also want to keep an eye out for cameos from the likes of his small screen allies Luke Cage and Matt Murdock, as when a long-destined enemy emerges, Rand is forced to go to New York (where else?) and carry out his duties as his new alter ago, where he will also cross paths with Rosario Dawson’s Nick Fury – Netflix’s version of the Avengers assembler minus the eyepatch.

The 13-episode first season of Iron First will arrive on 17 March.